A Therapy Car for McLaren

A therapy car for McLaren – A team of ME481 students got a jump on their spring Design Day project with the arrival of a 2007 Chrysler 300 to the Engineering Building. The capstone team will make the height of the car adjustable so occupational therapy patients in McLaren’s inpatient rehab services can practice getting in and out of it. McLaren’s Debbie Slezak, supervisor of inpatient rehab services, originated the idea that will be included as part of McLaren’s new hospital being built near MSU.

ME Awarded ARPA-E Project

The Mechanical Engineering Department has been awarded another ARPA-E project from the Open + Energy-Water Technologies Cohort. The lead institution is Oregon State University, and MSU is a part of the proposing team. The title of the project is Freshwater Recovery System for Hydraulic Fracturing (FRESH-Frac) Using a Thermally-Actuated Nozzle-Demister. The total award amount is $2,972,000.

Geoff Recktenwald selected as Adams Fellow


The Walter & Pauline Adams Academy of Instructional Excellence and Innovation is named in honor of former MSU President Walter Adams and his wife and MSU faculty member emerita, Pauline Adams, in recognition of their sustained commitments to promote instructional excellence. The program brings together a cross-disciplinary group of faculty and academic staff for a year-long fellowship focused on teaching and learning.

Norbert Mueller Receives PEER Grant


Cycle 7 (2018 Deadline)

Off-grid, clean energy cooling for affordable storage of perishables for bottom-of-the-pyramid farmers

PI: Sangeeta Chopra (dhingra.sangeeta@gmail.com), Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Indian Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR-IARI)

U.S. Partner: Norbert Mueller, Michigan State University

Project Overview: