The Solid Mechanics, Design & Manufacturing (SDM) group offers a wide range of research opportunities ranging from fundamental to applied projects. The SDM faculty engage in transformative research associated with analytical and computational modeling of materials, biomechanics, design and fabrication of biosensors as well as micro and nano-sensors. Ongoing research efforts also include the development of innovative high efficiency energy systems, experimental and numerical studies of composites and other advanced materials, design optimization, gas-phase processing, machining, powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing.  The general research approach is to gain an understanding of the underlying physics behind a problem with the concurrent development of succinct mathematical and physical descriptions that enable design and optimization of materials, components, and manufacturing processes. SDM graduate students acquire a strong fundamental education in mechanics and other engineering science disciplines and are well prepared to tackle the most challenging contemporary research problems.

Course projections for the next four years.

Members of the Group and Affiliates

Rebecca Anthony (affiliate)

Roanld Averill

Seungik Baek (affiliate)

Tamara Reid Bush (affiliate)

Sunil Chakrapani

Haseung Chung

Alejandro Diaz

Yang Guo

Patrick Kwon

Lik Chuan Lee (affiliate)

Peter Lillejoi (affiliate)

Dahsin Liu

Alfred Loos

Norber Mueller (affiliate)

Thomas Pence (affiliate)

William Resh

Sara Roccabinca (affiliate)

Himanshu Sahasrabudhe

Daniel Segalman


Xinran Xiao

Junghoon Yeom