Additive Manufacturing Webinar Series

"Current State and the Future of Metal 3D Printing in the Aerospace and Automotive Industries"

The International Aircraft Engine Association, with 9200 members globally, and the Michigan State University Department of Mechanical Engineering have launched a webinar series in Additive Manufacturing which, in the opinion of many experts, has potential  to change the global industrial manufacturing landscape as the next industrial revolution. The webinar series is intended to provide a platform for informing entrepreneurs, industry professionals, academics, and government agencies across all technology sectors on the transformational opportunities provided by additive manufacturing.

The aircraft engines sector, is in a unique position to take Additive Manufacturing to all new levels of adoption since the sector requires the strictest tolerances and manufacturing quality. In the latest attempt, 900 parts in a helicopter engine have been condensed to only 16 parts using 3D printing technology, setting a record for reducing time and cost in manufacturing one of the most complex machines mankind has ever invented. In the near future, a 3D printed turboprop will hit the skies, redefining flight in a way that not even the Wright brothers could have imagined.

The leaders in Additive Manufacturing technology are sharing information in this series of webinars, You are invited to attend this FREE webinar that will require registration due to the limited seats available and the global interest.  

We do hope you join us in this journey and witness the manufacturing technology revolution that could define the future for decades to come. 

Dr.Hooman Rezaei                                                                          Dr.James Klausner
President and Founder                                                                    MSU Foundation Professor and Chair
Int’l Aircraft Engine Association (9200+ Members)                     Michigan State University
MSU Mechanical Engineering Alumnus                                        Department of Mechanical Engineering


Webinar #1 - Current State and Future Trends of Metal 3D Printing in the Aerospace Industry: Powder Bed Laser Sintering Technology - EOS

Please see
https://www.egr.msu.edu/webform/webinar-current-state-and-future-trends-metal-3d-printing-aerospace-industry to view the webinar.

Webinar #2 - Webinar: Metal 3D Printing in the Aerospace Industry Design Freedom, Lightweighting and Supply Chain Disruption - SLM Solutions

Please see  https://www.egr.msu.edu/webform/webinar-metal-3d-printing-aerospace-industry-design-freedom-light-weighting-and-supply-chain to view the webinar.

Webinar #3 - Aerospace Applications using EBM and DMLM - GE Additive

This webinar is scheduled at 2:00 p.m. December 6, 2017.

Please see https://www.egr.msu.edu/webform/webinar-additive-manufacturing-aerospace to register.