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Kathy Stevenson is happy to announce that the 3D printing boards are finally complete and mounted in the shop and 3D printing lab. See image below. The purpose of this initiative is to provide students with physical examples of basic design techniques to aide them in CAD design, 3D Printing and fabricated parts. The printed examples range from design fits (clearance, press fit, snap fit), 3D printed threads, anti-rotation options, appropriate wall thicknesses, types of strengthening ribs and combining purchase and printed parts. These examples will allow students to physically "see" potential design flaws in their designs "before" utilizing unnecessary shop and/or printer resources. Each board contains printer and printing specifications, as well as, cost. Stevenson's hope is that, by directing students to look at these examples, they will correct senseless mistakes which will reduce cost in material, labor, machine usage and relieve some workload on the shop faculty.