Extinction Phenomena in Turbulent Liquid Dual-Fuel Flames
Turbulent combustion of energy-dense, liquid fuels is at the core of aviation applications. Dual-fuel operation with liquid fuel – hydrogen blends have become a research point of interest. There is limited knowledge from modern experimental studies of complex liquid fuels in highly turbulent reacting flows. The overarching research goal is to investigate extinction-based processes in highly turbulent liquid-fueled flames with hydrogen enrichment and develop new laser diagnostic tools to enable these studies. This study will focus on the dynamics of prevaporized flames in addition to dilute droplet-spray flames, which each have unique dominating thermophysical properties and extinction mechanisms due to interactions between droplets, fuel vapor, turbulence, and flame. Educational activities are focused on the addition of combustion physics content to undergraduate and graduate courses and the creation of visual demonstration activities. Learning modules covering combustion and energy science topics will be based on experimental demonstrations designed and built by undergraduate researchers. These demonstrator devices are transportable to classroom settings and outreach engagements. Learning modules will be developed for online sharing, televised delivery with PBS WKAR, and for global access on YouTube.