Michele Grimm was just elected Chair of the Academic Council of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers (AIMBE) (https://aimbe.org/councils/academic-council/).  This is a 2-year appointment.  AIMBE is an organization of elected fellows nominally representing the top 2% of BME’s in the country – currently about 2000 individuals.  The focus is on public policy and outreach, with the goal of expanding understanding of medical and biological engineering within the public, industry, the next generation of biomedical engineers, and all levels of government. 

The Academic Council represents a large number (currently 95) of academic programs that have a focus on biological or medical engineering, bringing together representatives (typically department chairs) to discuss public policy issues that affect educational programs (e.g. funding directions, training programs) and connecting programs to resources for their faculty and students related to public policy, the FDA, and other initiatives. 

Please see (https://aimbe.org/councils/academic-council/).for additional Information.