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Hunter Jones, a first-year student from Bloomfield Hills who will study mechanical engineering. He has always been fascinated with engines and is interested in exploring a career in that field. He also hopes to study abroad. He is a 2017 graduate of Bloomfield Hills High School.
A $1 million endowed scholarship fund was established in 2006 by James R. Von Ehr II, a 1972 computer science graduate and successful entrepreneur who has long demonstrated his commitment to MSU and the college through service and philanthropy. The intent of the scholarships is “to provide financial assistance to outstanding undergraduate students who come from humble backgrounds, as I did,” Von Ehr said.

Qualified prospective students—those scoring in the 90th percentile and above on national placement exams and who have a proven financial need—are invited to apply for the scholarships, which are renewable for four years. 

Incoming first-year applicants are required to write a brief essay that describes their idea of the meaning of “free enterprise” and “liberty,” and to relate how these principles help to promote creativity and the transmission of technological benefits to different world cultures and society in general.