Tony Gao and Lik Chuan Lee receive NSF Grant to study disease management

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Workshop hosted by Vice President of the Society of Women Engineers, Lindsay Fricano, and Mechanical Engineering (ME)… more

Elisa Toulson was a Keynote speaker for the 2018 3rd Annual Thermal and Fluids Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Rebecca Anthony awarded $500,000 NSF Career Grant.

The MTL, the newest asset to the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Lisa Sparrow, President and CEO of Utilities, Inc. is the Distinguished ME Alumnus

Spring 2018 graduate students welcomed by Graduate Adviser

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Doug Bohl an MSU ME grad helps to design the winning 2018 Winter Olympics luge in Korea.

Jennifer Ju wins one of five #NewFaceofTech STEAM Scholarships

Tony Gao and co-author Zhoujian Li make the cover pf Physics Review Letters for their article

Miniature model of MSU's autonomous car created in 3D

James Klausner stands in front of the DLR Synlight solar simulator.