The Fluid-Thermal Science and Engineering group in the Mechanical Engineering department seeks to establish world class research and complementary graduate educational programs in traditional and emerging areas of fluid and thermal sciences. While the research coverage is broad, the core curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics and the application of basic engineering science to applied engineering and multidisciplinary problems. These include internal combustion engines, automotive and aerospace systems, air vehicles, power and propulsion systems, renewable energy systems and sustainability, materials processing, sensors, biomedical devices, and biological systems. In addition to graduate education through leading edge research, the graduate fluid-thermal curriculum is designed to educate the next generation of engineers and researchers to be innovative and resourceful based on a solid foundation in the fundamentals of fluid and thermal sciences and engineering.

Course projections for the next four years.

Group Members and Affiliates:

Patton Allison (

Rebecca Anthony (

Seungik Baek (Affiliate) (

Andre Benard (

Giles Brereton (

Abraham Engeda (

John Foss (

Tong (Tony) Gao (

Farhad Jaberi (

James F. Klausner (

Manoochehr Koochesfahani (

Norbert Mueller (

Ahmed Naguib (

Joerg Petrasch (

Harold Schock (

Elisa Toulson (

Indrek Wichman (

Neil Wright (

Junghoon Yeom (

Junlin Yuan (

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