The group concentrates on providing a specific focus to our graduate course offerings, and also upon identifying thematic areas for research collaboration and the seeking of research support.  The activities are clearly complementary, as working on curriculum refinement naturally suggested research opportunities and vice versa.   Regarding research, this fall a core of soft tissue researchers (Baek, Bush, Lee, Pence, Rocabianca, Wright) developed a white paper, in the thematic area “Aging Population, Personalized Medicine”, with respect to the recent ACF competition for faculty cluster hiring.  While not chosen for follow-up in that first university competition, the group continues to feel that the opportunity is exceptional, although probably our messaging needs to be improved, and some initial collaborations need to be nurtured.   That document is attached in Appendix I.  It identifies eight specific areas for faculty hires associated with jump starting this effort: {(a) tissue printing, (b) microcirculation, (c) gel-tissue engineering, (c) permeability, (e) elastographic imaging, (f) experimental mechanostransduction, (g) tissue characterization, (h) environmental response interaction}.   Our ongoing discussion will continue to focuses on additional refinement of these ideas so as to incorporate the additional expertise of the broader group members who are participating in our active discussion (Gao, Lillehoj, Ranganathan, Wei, Yuan). 

Course projections for the next four years.

Group Members and Affiliates:

Seungik Baek

Tamara Reid Bush

Tony Gao (70% ME)

Roger Haut

Lik Chuan Lee

Peter Lillehoj (Affliliate)

Thomas Pence

Rajiv Ranganathan (20% ME)

Sara Roccabianca

Feng Wei (33% ME)

Neil Wright

Junlin Yuan