Are you a current ME student looking for a TA position?

  • Essentially all TA positions in ME are reserved for new, incoming PhD students. However, from time to time there is an unexpected vacancy in one course (for one semester only). To fill such a position the graduate secretary keeps a list of students who may be interested in a TA position. This list is kept in the ME Graduate Office (2555 EB) and is recreated every semester. If there is an opening, it will happen very close to the beginning of the semester, leaving no time to post specific advertisements.
  • Research Assistantships are awarded by individual faculty to support continuing students. However, newly admitted students could also receive RA funding, depending on the needs of the research programs of faculty members and the strength of the applicant's academic record.

Please contact the graduate secretary (517-355-5131) at the ME Graduate Office (2555 EB) if you wish to be added to the list. Preference is given to ME PhD students with experience in the course that has an opening. Academic standing (GPA, qualifying exams) is used if more than one student is available.